A total of 53 Islip student-musicians were recently selected by the New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education and Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association for various divisional and All-County honor ensembles.

NYSCAME All-County Ensembles

All-County Band

Erin Quinn

All-County Chorus

Isabella Green

Leah Cyran

Tyler Cirulnick

Richard Castronova

All-County Orchestra

Shannon Brody

Leah Cyran

SCMEA All-County Ensembles


Hannah Evans

SCMEA Div. III Chorus

Talia Mazza

Alan Lawrence

Jordyn Zurbaran

Maggie Frazer

Ryan Van Nostrand

Madelynn Lang

Genna Schifter

SCMEA Div. III Orchestra

Kaitlyn Trocchio

Carolyn Do

SCMEA Div. II Band

Jacob Schifter

Sabrina Frazer

Louise Kane

Jessica Cruz

Jake Mulholland

Olivia Johnson

SCMEA Div. II Chorus

Daniel Turk

Emma Cirulnick

Skylar Greene

Rebecca Leo

Annalee Thorn

Lauren Wade

Jolie Williams

SCMEA Div. II Orchestra

Lia Guzman

Daniel Rubinson

Emily Flora

John Oggeri

SCMEA Div. I Band

Brady Reinhart

Nicholas Gulick

Katerina Mennecke

Jasmin Fields-Robinson

Connor Ancipink

Jadyn Zink

Ali Guzman

SCMEA Div. I Chorus

Conner Clifford

Bridget Slattery

Sofia Marra

Juliana Sclafani

Vaughan Gerrard

Lucas Jordan

Olivia Pacifico

Addison DeFalco

SCMEA Div. I Orchestra

Fallan Rao

Isabella Conzo

Ryan Nieves

Avery Roche

“Although these festivals have been canceled due to COVID, these students deserve to be recognized for their talent, dedication and hard work,” said Brian Kroll, Islip’s director of fine and performing arts. “This is a well-earned achievement and we congratulate these students and their teachers.”